November 19, 2017

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How to Install Confluence on CentOS

Confluence Logo

We think Confluence (developed and marketed by Atlassian) is the best enterprise wiki out there. It has a plugin system and is very easy to configure. Confluence is written in Java and is mainly used in corporate environments. This instruction is to install Confluence on CentOS. We are using Confluence on CentOS 6 with 64 bit. Please change the paths when it is required.

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How to Install Ruby on FreeBSD

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The object-oriented programming language is available as a port on FreeBSD. Ruby combines syntax inspired by Perl with Smalltalk-like features and is influenced by Eiffel and Lisp as well. With Ruby you can make use of multiple programming paradigms, including functional, object oriented, imperative and reflective. The automatic memory management and a dynamic type system are one of the main key factors to use Ruby.

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