December 12, 2018

How to run the BOINC Client on CentOS


With the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) client you can support distributed applications in areas as mathematics, medicine, molecular biology, climatology, and astrophysics. With the processing power of personal computers around the world, science can make a big step forward.

Root access is required to edit the following files and to execute commands. Log in as root (su) or simply prepend sudo to all commands that require root privileges.

Install the client

We have placed the BOINC client in our tmp folder. Please replace the user and group ownership.

cd /tmp/
chown -R user:group BOINC/
chmod -R 755 BOINC/

On a 64-bit system like CentOS 6 x86_64 please install the x86_64 client instead of the i686 client. Then there is no need to install and symlink the libstdc++ libraries and you can continue with the “Start the client” section.


Install libstdc++ and compat-libstdc++

yum search libstdc++
yum install libstdc++
yum install compat-libstdc++*

Symlink to libstdc++

Check your libstdc++ version and place a symlink to Here our version is

cd /usr/lib/
ln -s
cd /usr/lib64/
ln -s

Start the client

cd /tmp/BOINC/
./boinc > /dev/null &
ps aux | grep boinc

Attach your project or add an account manager

You have the choice between directly attaching the client to a project or to use an account manager like the BOINC Account Manager (BAM!).

Attach your client to a project

Please replace the URL with your project URL and replace the KEY as well.

./boinccmd --project_attach KEY

Use an account manager

Please replace the URL with your project URL and replace the USERNAME and PASSWORD as well.

./boinccmd --join_acct_mgr USERNAME PASSWORD

Check your client

Now look that everything is fine.

./boinccmd --get_state
./boinccmd --get_host_info

Detach a client from a project

Here is an example to detach a project from your client. Please replace the URL with your project URL.

./boinccmd --project detach

Update a project

With this command you can update a project. This is needed once you have made some configuration changes.
Please replace the URL with your project URL.

./boinccmd --project update


  1. Nessaja128 says:

    Thanks very much!

    Works 100%

  2. Thank for manual.
    Boinc-client and boinc-manager are already in EPEL repository.
    You can install it by yum install boinc-client on centos/RHEL.

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