December 12, 2018


How to Install eAccelerator to Optimize PHP Performance on FreeBSD

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With eAccelerator your can increase your PHP performance by up to 1000%. This PHP accelerator caches frequently used portions of PHP files in memory and delivers them with high-speed.
This is useful for high performance websites with loads of traffic.
In this tutorial we show you the steps to install and configure eAccelerator from the FreeBSD ports tree.

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How to Install Zabbix on FreeBSD

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Zabbix is a very useful tool for availability and performance monitoring. Alerting you by E-Mail, Jabber or SMS once a service is not reachable is one of the key features of Zabbix.

Here is a short list of some features available in Zabbix:

  • auto-discovery of servers and network devices
  • low-level discovery
  • distributed monitoring with centralized web administration
  • support for both polling and trapping mechanisms
  • agent-less monitoring
  • secure user authentication
  • flexible user permissions
  • web-based interface
  • flexible e-mail notification of predefined events
  • high-level (business) view of monitored resources
  • audit log

In this tutorial we show you how to get a Zabbix server, the Zabbix agents and the Zabbix frontend running on FreeBSD.

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How to Install phpMyAdmin on CentOS

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With phpMyAdmin you can easily handle your MySQL databases through a web interface. This web interface is almost as powerful as the MySQL Command-Line tool. You can execute SQL statements, create, modify and delete databases, tables, fields or rows and manage users or permissions.

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How to Install Nginx and PHP-FPM on FreeBSD

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Using Nginx and PHP-FPM on FreeBSD is a very powerful combination. The web server and proxy Nginx is build for high concurrency environments. It delivers faster performance and also uses less memory. The FastCGI Process Manager (PHP-FPM) is an alternative PHP FastCGI implementation. PHP-FPM is useful for sites of any size, especially busier sites. By following these instructions you will combine the performance benefits of Nginx and PHP-FPM with the robustness of the FreeBSD system.

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How to set up a LAMP Server and OXID eShop on CentOS

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With this tutorial we provide you a step-by-step instructions for installing a full-featured LAMP stack and OXID eShop on a CentOS system. In the following you will be instructed on setting up Apache, MySQL, PHP and OXID eShop.

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How to Install phpMyAdmin on FreeBSD

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Now you can handle the administration of MySQL over the Web and on FreeBSD. It can manage a whole MySQL server as well as a single database. With phpMyAdmin you can easily browse through databases and tables, create, copy, rename, alter and drop databases and tables and many more.

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