December 12, 2018

About Us

BIN63 provides user-friendly Linux and BSD howtos and tutorials about almost every topic. The name BIN63 comes from Binary 63 which is 111111 in the decimal numeral system. The 11.11.11 is exactly the date we have started this website and we thought that would be a great name for a tech related website.

We’ve got a few FreeBSD and CentOS servers running, and since updating them quite regularly is a habit we thought these howtos and tutorials will help all of you who run Linux and BSD servers in a similar scenario.

This includes complete tutorials for example to set up a LAMP server or any other environment. We are interested in learning about new technology and software and will share our experiences with our readers every day.

By the way we are huge fans of the FreeBSD operating system because of its simplicity and robustness. Following our FreeBSD tutorials will keep you informed and up to date with the latest tips and tools about FreeBSD.